Many residents have lost their homes in the tornado

Many residents have lost their homes in the tornado

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto expressed his ?solidarity? with the relatives of the victims and said he would travel to Ciudad Acuna.

He said the government would ?take stock of the damage and provide all appropriate support?.

Victor Zamora, Coahuila?s interior secretary, said an area of about seven blocks had been ?devastated? by the tornado, which struck at about 06:10 (11:10 GMT).

Civil protection officials said that eight temporary shelters had been set up for those made homeless by the disaster.

Severe weather is also affecting southern US states including Texas.

A dozen people are missing after flash floods struck the Blanco river in central Texas on Sunday. The floods also damaged hundreds of homes, some of them swept off their foundations.

A tornado damaged a block of flats in Houston over the weekend.

Source: BBC


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