Calls On Eddie Annan To Come With Clean Hands


An investigative Journalist from Metro Television Henry Ayi Addo has called on the former Board Chairman of the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital, Mr. Eddie Annan to come with clean hands anytime he (Annan) wants to comment on issues that are published about the hospital and his mismanagement, and stop hiding behind some media houses seeking to redeem his lost image.


According to Henry Addo, he was taken aback at a publication by The Herald Newspaper that he (Henry) was caught in Korle-Bu Blackmail. The story sought to suggest that Henry Addo who has been investigating the rot at the hospital, is only trying to blackmail Eddie Annan.

But, Henry Addo who was certain about his findings at the nation?s premier hospital, laughed over the said publication when this paper contacted him, and said Mr. Eddie Annan is only trying to save his dwindling image after engaging in messing up the hospital.

Henry Addo who could not hide the pain he has over Eddie Annan?s betrayal to the late President Mills who appointed Eddie Annan to Chair the Korle-Bu Board, said he can state categorically and can challenge Eddie Annan that the late president brought him (Eddie Annan) to the hospital to check the illegalities, but he failed.

?Look Eddie Annan is a failure and a hypocrite,? he said.

According to him, he held several meetings with Eddie Annan all at the latter?s invitation to discuss the issues at the hospital.

?And when I found out that he was trying to betray late President Mills, and his decision to join the cartel to further rob the national purse, I sent him text messages asking him to watch his steps or I report him to the President. These messages are what he claims to be blackmail,? Henry said.

He noted that he sees no reason that a newspaper like The Herald would also be protecting nation wreckers like Eddie Annan, saying that if Eddie Annan should be sincere to The Herald, it would recognise the fact that Eddie Annan was insincere with the legitimacy of procedures implored by the Korle Bu Board in its quest to unravel ongoing ?Shady deals and supposed perpetrators of such acts ?within the Nations Premium Hospital as mentioned by Mr. Edward Anan in Daily Graphics Front page publication dated 26th January 2013.

He also mentioned that Eddie Annan must be sincere enough to tell the people of Ghana whether he team up with Afua Hesse who is now the Acting CEO and the immediate past CEO Prof. Otu Nartey to bring in a new Director of Administration even though the Ministry had written to them condemning any of such acts.

?Talking about this issue, the Ministry of Health kicked against such a decision and hence made it clear to the board that, the advertisement placed for the director of administration must be tailored to health services administrators. But the man they brought, that Nurudeen is not a hospital administrator, and when we say all these things, they say we are blackmailing Eddie Annan.?

He also mentioned that in going ahead with their ill intent and in defiance, negatively as it seems, Eddie Annan authoritatively appoints and bring to office that Nurudeen. So the question is how is he going to be paid, and who will pay him? Eddie Annan must tell us,? he asked.

He also revealed that the ministry also sought to make its position clear on certain appointments made by Eddie Annan which are against laid down administrative and public service Acts.

Henry Addo cited a letter written and signed by the Chief Director of the Ministry Dr Sylvester Anemana for the Minister, stating categorically that the Hospital Board led by Eddie Annan and the Chief Executive Officer have shown non-adherence to legal and administrative producers of the Public Service.

?That letter made reference to a letter the Ministry received from the Board, dated 24th September, 2012 with heading ?Completion of Tenure of Office? saying that it is not compliant with Article 199 of the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. That letter was signed by Eddie Annan granting a Pro rata leave to Prof. Out Nartey during his retirement period. But the Ministry which is the supervisory entity rubbishes the action by Eddie Annan, pointing out clearly that having been born on the 2nd December, 1952, Pro. Nii Otu Nartey?s compulsory retirement from the Public Service takes effect from 2nd December 2012.?

What Eddie Annan doesn?t know even though he stood for election to become a president of Ghana is that, the Constitution of the Republic takes precedence over any contract appointment made by the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital Board.

?Besides, a terminal leave is enjoyed before the date of compulsory retirement and not after, Prof. Nii Nartey?s name went off automatically from the mechanized payroll this December 2012. How are you going to pay him from December 2012 to May 2013? Is he to be paid from IGF? I believe the IGF can be better used for patient Care?? this is exactly what the Ministry says.

Another illegality commited by Eddie ?he said, had to do with the appointment of one Mr. Godfred Ahianyo, a member of the Hospital?s Board, as chairman of the Board?s Three-member committee to audit various processes at the Directorates and Sub BMCs.

According to the Ministry this appointment is a ?clear case of conflict of interest.?

Per a letter of appointment signed by Eddie Annan appointing Godfred Ahianyo to that position, he is to be paid emoluments equivalent to that of a permanent staff of the hospital.

?My brother, let?s talk about Afua Hesse. Handing over to Prof. Afua Hesse during the illegal terminal leave period of Prof Otu Nartey is wrong in view of the fact that she is to be responsible for 3 different full time positions. One as the Dir. of Medical Affairs, then as a CEO and also as an Associate Professor at the Medical School (Ministry of Higher Education). What do we see, conflict of interest.?

According to Henry, ?HE WHO CALLS FOR A PROBE MUST COME WITH CLEAN HANDS? thereby challenging Mr. Edward Annan to come clean.

However he called on Eddie Annan to disclose when he got to know about the ?Shady Deals? he was talking about or it just occurred to him?

? He must tell Ghanaians the criteria by which the 3 member audit committee at Korle Bu was set up and the Characters involved, the exorbitant remuneration and other emolument of each member of the committee and the suspects of the supposed shady deals in the hospital.?

He also called on Eddie Annan to explain to the general public what he meant by ?negative rumors,? asking whether it was the very shady deals at the hospital that he had admitted to in the Daily Graphic of 26th January 2013 that the media is talking about, or anything else.

?Is he aware of the expired regent used on patients?,? He asked.

The Metro TV journalist stressed that he will continue to expose illegalities within Korle-Bu as well as other public and private sector institutions without fear or favour.

On several occasions the Board under the leadership of Eddie Annan has blatantly defied the sector Ministry?s pieces of advice and committed management blunders.

The Ministry endorsed an arrangement where the Deputy Director of Administration in the hospital, supported by Nine(9) Health Services Administrators, was to act as Director of Administration until the unlawful revocation of the appointment of the substantive Director of Administration was sorted out either within or out of the Courts. This arrangement was disregarded by Eddie Annan and he went ahead to appoint a crony who is not a Health Services Administrator into the position. The recruit is expected to resume work on the 2nd of January, 2013.

?Why is Eddie Anan in a hurry to recruit a candidate for the office of the Director of Administration? It could be for obvious reasons.? He asked.

The Moment has also been pursuing this Korle-Bu saga for long and indeed can state that, the Supply Chain Manager?s appointment was terminated under mysterious circumstances soon after assumption of office by the newly recruited Eddie Anan?s crony as the Director of Administration. The Supply Chain Manager was directed to hand over his duties to the newly recruited Director of Administration. Almost immediately, a directive followed that the office of the Supply Chain Manager has been abolished in the hospital. Only God knows what will be happening in the office of the newly recruited Director of Administration, in terms of supplies management, per the expected direct instructions that will be coming from Eddie Annan and his cohorts and what is to follow next. Meanwhile the office of the Supply Chain Manager is working perfectly at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

For your interest the recruited candidate for the office of the Director of Administration, is not a Hospital Administrator/Health Service Administrator has schooled all his life in America, worked all his life in America, has never worked in Ghana before, not in any district or regional hospital as a Hospital Administrator according to his work experience profile, let alone in a premier hospital such as KBTH. But Eddie Annan found this candidate as the most suitable, over well-trained and experienced Hospital Administrators, for the position of the Director of Administration for a premier hospital as KBTH. Eddie Anan also deemed it fit, and has recruited a crony to head Health Services Administrators and be responsible for Administration and Support Services in a premier hospital such as KBTH. This is incredible!

If the argument of Eddie Annan is that professionals trained as Hospital Administrators/Health Service Administrators who have also worked for more than 10 yrs in hospitals at the district and regional levels cannot manage a hospital at tertiary level, how can somebody of the caliber of the current recruit do it better?



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