Story: Enock Akonnor.. Kumasi

Mr Michael Tandoh
Mr Michael Tandoh

The Headmaster of Asawasi Methodist Junior High School (JHS) Mr Michael Tandoh has called on government, stakeholders and well wishers for an urgent security support in the school to address the current life threatening challenges.

Since its inception in 1947, students and teachers of the school he indicated are presently living in fear and panic following the invasion of some unknown residents, armed with sticks and cutlasses during school hours to halt academic activities indicating some of the causes as the absence of fence wall.

He added that motorist and cyclists periodically intrude their environment, distracting students of their studies due to the unpleasant mixture of sounds.

“We live and operate in panic, the environment is not safe for us, and we have nothing to say. Unknown residents regularly invade our classrooms with dangerous weapons unexpectedly. Our social fields and classrooms are always taken over by some unknown people and as a result, we will have to wait for them to finish their activities at their own preferred time before the school can operate,” he lamented.

Due to the absence of toilet and urinal facilities, students, he mentioned take permission on the pretext of visiting places of convenience and never return. Truancy Mr. Tandoh announced in an interview has been on the increase as out of hundred students registered for this year’s B.E.C.E, the highest attendance has been fifty-one (51) and all methods adopted by authorities to curb that have not been successful.


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