Presiding Pastor of the Bethel Society of the Methodist Church, Ghana, in the Dansoman Circuit of the Greater Accra Region, Rev. Kingsley Offe-Amoyaw, has educated the youth of the church on the various policies and procedures of the church.

These procedures, he said, at a meeting of the youth of the New Aplaku Society of the Church are pre-requisites to being ordained as a minister of God in the Methodist Church.

?One will have to be a local preacher for a year after which he will have to appear at leaders meeting where he will be asked series of questions..,? he said.

Established in Ghana in 1835, the Methodist Church as one of the oldest Christian associations in the country cannot boast of more youth in leadership positions of the church.

To this end, Rev. Offe-Amoyaw disclosed that the synod of the church at a recent meeting decided to engage the youth more.

That, he said, will done through educating the youth on procedures to taking up leadership positions in the church.

He pointed out to the youth that subject to one?s performance at the position of a local preacher, his minister in charge of his society would decide to forward the name of the would-be minister to leaders of the church for their careful consideration.

?After going through all these processes, the would-be minister would have to go through all the necessary steps and write exams and serve in different Methodist Churches for the head of the churches to mark or grade his performance,? he added.

?After questioning, he will be called for questioning before going to trinity for proper training for three years to help him become a well and trained pastor or reverend in the Methodist Church,? he added.

Rev. Offe-Amoyaw indicated that if a person acquires training from different institutions other than the Methodist church, he cannot become a pastor in the church ?because he was not trained in the Methodist institution.?

He also used the opportunity to advise the youth of the church to cultivate the habit of saving at their youthful age, for an investment in the future.



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