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The Methodist Church of Ghana has called on its societies and circuits to deepen their strategies for discipleship through teaching opportunities to be held at all the zones.

Right Reverend Samuel Kofi Osabutey, the Accra Diocesan Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, said over the years, Christians had used the term “Discipleship” as the process by which new converts were deliberately and systematically incorporated into the church through sustained teaching.


He said discipleship was not an event but a continuous activity involving all members of the church, saying; “We should note that discipleship is not an addendum to the agenda of the church. Discipleship is the main agenda.”

Rt. Rev. Osabutey said this at the opening of the 58th Annual Synod of the Methodist Church Ghana, Accra Diocese, on Thursday.

The four-day Synod, to be held in Accra, is on the theme: “Go and Make Disciples of All Nations: Intensifying Our Teaching Ministry Towards Disciple Making.”

It will review the past year’s activities, plot the way forward, and explore new areas of ministering.

Rev. Osabutey, however, urged heads of the various societies and circuits to take note that disciple making was most effective when based on love and care, team effort, church-centred, unique needs and the recognition of individual differences.

He said biblical insights and church growth research were integrated.

“It is worth repeating that, we are not a social club; we are a church, the body of Christ needing to daily grow into the image of Jesus Christ, reflecting His kingdom values that are eternal, raising and training people for eternity.”

Of all the things we seek to do and are doing as a Synod, let us not forget the health of the Church,” he stated.

Synod meetings are held annually for the leadership of the Church to come together to review activities and make decisions.

Rev. Osabutey said the Church should speak against political violence and help nib it in the bud.

“Darkness cannot drive darkness, only light can drive away darkness,’’ he said, and that Christians should lead the advocacy against violence since they profess to be the light of the world.

Mr Ismael Ashitey, the Greater Accra Regional Minister, in a speech read on his behalf, commended the Methodist Church for helping in the socio-economic development of the country through the establishment of schools and institutions to provide skilled work force for the country.

He said the Church had played major roles in ensuring national cohesion and called for the practice of good sanitation to make the city more attractive.

Mr Ashitey added that practicing good hygiene and keeping the environment clean would safeguard the country against floods and other disasters when the rains come.

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness. As such, as Christians we have to prioritise the keeping of our environment clean because it is our sacred duty.”

He also called on churches to observe the ban on noise making, which would be in force soon by the Greater Accra Traditional Council.


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