From past many years we have been discussing and figuring out the various ambiguities within Microsoft most searched, downloaded and adopted emailing application i.e. Microsoft Outlook. Since Outlook strike into market and rules out other emailing clients of its genre, there are so many progressions made so far.

The size issue of Outlook PST file in 2000 / 2002 version of ANSI file type is overcome with UNICODE PST file typeCalendaring of the Outlook is now made much more user friendly and featured for business users with inclusion of alert, sharing type of options.Outlook as in older versions makes it complicated to store data more than 2 GB, which is now made more than 20 GB.

With all these meliorations, there are still many things that users are looking for and still MS Outlook does not possess any built in functionality for the same, like:

If PST file size become large and need is to divide Outlook PST files into smaller partsHaving multiple PST files in Outlook and users wanted to combine all PST files into common PSTIf anyone needs to shrink PST file size or compress PST by removing the attachments in OutlookIn order to extract all attachments from the emails in Outlook PST files at once in bulk.

What Alternative let you Manage Multiple PST?s in Outlook?

Accumulation of large number of PST files in Outlook is very common, which creates management issues making synchronization, searching and other things bit troublesome.

Thus, merge two PST files together and get away from the probable issue of PST file corruption.

Keeping all the data from several smaller PST files into a single, large and easy to manage PST file is beneficial. It is easier to search, sync, import and manage one PST in Outlook and for doing so; PST merge tool will be perfect.

Listing some key feature of PST merge tool to merge Outlook PST files together into one PST:

Merging of multiple PST files in Outlook is allowed

Easy to combine all items into a common folderMerge contacts folders of every PST files togetherYou can join two PST files with each otherAutomatic removal of duplicates while merging PST.

With the help of above options to combine Outlook PST files, you can make merging PST files a better experience for you. The program will create Unicode PST file once you merge two PST files and keep any amount of data within the PST file.

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