Mental Health in the Northern Regions are mainly due to poverty , undue stress to survive, and a few on drugs and alcohol.These are caused by natural disasters, farming failing, no jobs and many more.

Psychiatric drugs will not bring good harvest, jobs etc. Crying for psychiatrist is not and will never be a solution, we need more of community psychiatric nurses , who will train and educate volunteer health workers in our villages, towns and hamlets. What we need in mental health is NOT DRUG, except on very aggressive situation.

Cognitive restructuring, Cognitive behaviour therapy, talking therapy are good receipt. These can be thought to volunteer workers , to be able to provide psychiatric first AID. We are blesses in Ghana , that we have a close sociological family structure, most of whom are not only sympathetic of each other but very supportive.

When someone is mentally distressed, the first thing they need is for someone to listen to them, be accepted and be treated as person. Families may find his behaviour out of the norm, hence their negative reaction towards the once loved one. Clearly they have no understanding of the illness, hence the education and sensitising . I believe we as a people , if we honestly work together, get rid of unnecessary conflicts and try to respect and listen to each other.

Remember you are what you eat, in the same way you are what you think, our thought are extremely powerful, we should always question our thought before we react, reactions can’t be retracted . I leave you with food for thought. Thought – feelings/ emotion ?- behaviour.

Source?Idris Adama


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