Individuals with machetes and bludgeons injured five gendarmes in a series of attacks and fled away in the early hours of Saturday in Central an southern Togo, Security minister has said in press conference in the capital Lomé.

The attacks occurred at a time when the overall situation in Togo has become increasingly strained as the country is gearing up to hold presidential election between February 19 and March 5, 2020.

The first attack occurred in the city of Sokode, 340 km north to Lomé in the central region.

The individuals targeted two gendarmes on duty in a filling station, injured one and went away with his arm, Security minister General Yark Damehame said during the press conference.

But in the northern outskirts Agoè of Lomé, aggressors dressed in black and with machetes and bludgeons ambushed a gendarmerie patrol.

A patrol member was stabbed, another received a second-degree burns whereas a molested third one showed open wounds.

Also, the aggressors assaulted two other gendarmes on duty in front of a bank agency and took away their arms, attempting to set fire to a police station later on.

Security minister ensured the populations of the commitment of the government “to do its best to find out the attackers and their sponsors ” .

“They will not get very far and will face all the consequences”, General Yark Damehame, minister of security and civil protection said. Enditem


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