Afia And Charlotte On Vim Talk
Afia And Charlotte On Vim Talk

The CEO of Women’s World Bank Ghana, Charlotte Lilly Baidoo has warned men to desist from the practice of demanding sex from young ladies before they are offered employment opportunities.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on the Vim Talk Show last Saturday on Adom TV, Mrs. Baidoo insisted that men in positions of influence should exercise their authority with caution without taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of young women.


She told host Afia Pokua: “I will caution men to be desist from demanding sex from women before they offer them the needed job opportunities. They have to understand that it is God who placed them where they are, so the men should stop demanding sex from young women.”

The issue of trading sex for jobs has been a major bane in the effort to empower women especially in Ghana.

Mrs. Baidoo however advised young women to remain resolute and not give in to these sexual demands, encouraging them to be resourceful by beginning their own small enterprises.

“Waiting is the problem. We do not have the patience to wait. To the young ladies, I will advise them to not to be frustrated or give in. Do not become a slay queen when you do not have a dime. Humble yourself. Even if you have to start small by selling pure water do it. It will multiply after a week or two,” she advised.

Vim Talk is aired every Saturday, 8:30pm on Adom TV.

Check out the full interview below:


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