Memory card is the electronic data storage device that can easily be rewritable and reprogrammable. It is used for several other electronic devices like mobile phone digital camera and many more. Generally the memory card uses the NAND type in order to store the and transmit the data from one device to another. The importance of memory card have increased and due to this reason its capacity have also increased.  Memory card is used to store photos, videos, songs and other things. Memory card is used in various other like CF card, SD Card, XD card and many more.

But due to some problem sometimes user becomes unable to access the saved data from the memory card. Due to this reason it is important to use this card properly otherwise it will result in corruption. Some possible reason responsible for corruption are discussed below;

Removing the data while saving or deleting the fileRemoving the memory card while camera was in use.Logical or physical damage to the memory card.

 Due to all these reason user come across many error message some of them are like: ‘memory card error’, ‘Read/Write error’, ‘card could not be read’, ‘card is corrupted’.

In this situation user faces photo loss situation and due to this reason it becomes important to recover the photos as soon as possible. In this situation best option is to restore the data from available backup and with this user can easily restore the photos that have got deleted.

In case backup is not available then user would have to format the memory card and after this entire error and corruption problem will get resolved.

But entire saved data get deleted, in this situation user can try software digital photo recovery to recover entire lost and deleted data safely. The software has read only features that does not alter the original quality of photos.

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