The Ghanaian community living inFreiburg,Germanyin collaboration with other international Ghana Union,ChristianChurches, other African Nationals as well as sympathizers last Friday joined the Ghanaian counterparts all over the world in showing their last respects in the wake of the burial ceremony of the late president John Evans Atta Mills.


?It has been sad weeks and days inGhanasince the peace-making president, ?Asomdwehene? Prof. Atta Mills passed away. Certainly, it has not been different for Ghanaians in the Diaspora. Our hearts have been out there, grieving with the bereaved family andGhanaat large. Ghanaians have been following closely the events that have been going on since the humble Professor?s death and the preparations that have been made to give him a deserving burial.?


In line with programs and schedules outlined by the state funeral committee back home, the President needed to be given a full military monopolized state burial as he (Prof) was the commander in chief of the Nation?s armed forces. Ghanaians living inFreiburghave left no stone unturned as they attentively followed the processions back home to pay their last respects to His Excellency, the late Atta Mills in their own way.


The officiating Man of God who led the solemn funeral service was Dr. Appiah-Gyan, a pastor of a Ghanaian and International church inFreiburg. In his brief sermon, Dr. Appiah Gyan preached the principles of unity and loving one another as was prescribed by the late President. To wrap up the service, Dr. Appiah-Gyan joined the bereaved mourners in fervent prayers after which requiem hymns were sung in honor of the departed soul.


?This demonstration of nationalism however shows how united Ghanaians can be, despite our political affiliations, even beyond the borders ofGhanaif we choose to do so.? remarked by a participant.


As the Ghanaian culture and tradition demand, the procession was crowned with a memorial get-together on Saturday, 11 August, a day after late president?s burial. We Ghanaians inFreiburgsay may our dear late president?s soul rest in perfect peace.


Report by: Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)


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