Thousands of workers under the Industrial and Commercial Workers Union (ICU) will embark on a massive demonstration against government today.

According to the workers, government has been exploiting Ghanaians through the increases in the prices of petroleum products and increases in utility tariffs.

?They have lost the management of the economy; they are no more managing this economy. It?s the IMF who is now dictating to us what must happen to us,? the ICU?s General Secretary Solomon Kotei said.

There has been a close to 20% increase in petrol prices in the last one month following governments attempt to fully de-regularize the petroleum downstream sector.

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission effective July 1 also increased water tariff by 15%.
The workers are calling for a reversal of the increases because it has worsened the plight of already struggling businesses.

In an interview with Citi Business News the General Secretary of the Industrial and commercial Unions Solomon Kotei said the job security of workers is not guaranteed due to government?s incompetence.

?Those inherent marginal gains that this government is making from the increases in petroleum prices without the knowledge of the Ghanaian population, we are going to demand that the reversal is made?, he added.

Meanwhile the members of the ICU also embarked on a procession to demand employers to stop exploiting casual and contract workers since it?s against the labour laws.


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