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On Nov. 8, Melanie “Mel B” Brown and Stephen Belafonte had a breakthrough in their bitter divorce battle — they reached a settlement. Now Life & Style magazine has exclusively learned the details of the secret divorce deal.

In October, Mel’s lawyers said in court that Stephen had at least 56 videos (many of a “sexual nature”) in his possession. Now he has to keep them all private.

“Stephen agreed to not release any of the videos he had shot of Mel, including sex tapes, and there are strict provisions in the agreement to enforce that,” the insider tells Life & Style exclusively.

Back in July, a judge ordered Mel to pay her ex $40,000 a month in temporary spousal support and another $140,000 in attorney’s fees. Moving forward, “Mel and Stephen will split the proceeds from the sale of their mansion and he will receive $15,000 a month in support for five years,” says the insider. “She also agreed to pay his legal fees, which were around $100,000.”

He’ll also get more time with their daughter. “He had supervised visitation with Maddy during the divorce proceedings,” the insider tells Life & Style. “Now Stephen will be allowed to have overnight unsupervised visits with her, which is a huge win for him.”

Mel signed off on the settlement, but the insider says she’s unhappy with the terms. While she was put through the wringer, says the insider, she feels Stephen got “an amazing deal.”

“Mel’s drawn-out and bitter divorce,” the insider tells Life & Style, “is finally over.”



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