Last week, In Touch magazine was first to report that Melanie “Mel B” Brown’s new boyfriend, a Beverly Hills cop, was married. Now, In Touch magazine is exclusively reporting that the former Spice Girl ended the new romance after learning he isn’t actually separated from his wife.

A source tells In Touch that in early May, when Mel and the Beverly Hills police officer started dating, Scary Spice “told friends that her guy had been unhappily married and had planned to separate from his wife prior to meeting Mel. She has absolutely no clue that he was still with his wife!”

When In Touch called Mel’s boyfriend’s wife for comment, she confirmed that they are definitely “still married.” The wife was also unaware that her husband was cheating on her and admitted that she ‘thought” that they were happy, especially since they had just gone on a trip together.

The wife confirms to In Touch that her husband had spent some nights away from home but he told her that “he was working a lot.”

In the days after learning about her husband’s affair, the wife attacked Mel 42, on Instagram. “You will never replace me,” she wrote on her Instagram to the America’s Got Talent judge, after mocking Mel by posting a video with friends singing the Spice Girls hit “Wannabe.”

Mel has since blocked his number from her phone. She also blocked the wife, who taunted her even more on Instagram with #oldspice under the caption “when a spice girl blocks you on social media.”

The cop did not respond to In Touch’s request for comment.