adjetey anna

Adjetey has also featured in a dutch movie titled ?Slavery?

Adjetey Anang is popularly known as ?Pusher? in the the Ghanaian media which was his screen name in the television series dubbed, ?Things we do for love? is a prolific Ghanaian actor who was gained popularity with his handsomeness and unique acting skills.

Adjetey, born July 8 has acted in many Ghanaian movies including ?Devil in the Detail?, ?Potomato?, ?A Sting in a tale? and ?Adams Apple?. He is married to Elorm Anang and the couples welcomed their first baby this January.


Pusher won An Arts Critique and Review Association of Ghana (ACRAG) Talent Award and A Ghana Union of Theatre Societies (GUTS) Best Actor Award.

article / Photo Credit: PulseGH


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