A medical doctor of the Tetteh Quarshie Momoral Hospital at Mampong Akwapim in the Eastern Region, Dr. Coleman has been accused of neglecting his post as a medical officer of the above mentioned hospital and concentrating on his private facility to the detriment of patients who visit the hospital.

Information gathered by this paper indicate that a scanning machine at the hospital meant for scanning patients who visit the hospital and may require the use of machine is standing idle because Dr. Coleman is alleged to have acquire a similar machine in his private facility and directs patients to visit his own facility under the guise that the scanning machine at the hospital is not functioning.

Some patients whom this paper spoke to undercover when it visited the hospital confirmed the information, stating it is becoming a bane on them as the scanning is covered by Health Insurance.

They have therefore called on the Minister of Health Shery Ayittey to intervene to save them from the situation.




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