A Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority, Mr Akilu Sayibu, has appealed to the media in Dagbon to help market the Northern Region as a place worthy of investors and investment.

Speaking to the media in Tamale during the launch of “The Dagbon Peace and Progress Now,” Mr Sayibu hailed the effort of the Northern Regional Coordinating Council, the Peace Council of Ghana and other stakeholders for organising the programme.
He said it was fully positive and in the right direction and must be sustained.

The Deputy CEO stated that Dagombas must be seen as united and ready for the needed development and progress of the area.

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Mr Sayibu added that, investors were ready to invest in several sectors of the Northern economy but wanted to be sure of lasting and permanent peace in the area to safeguard whatever investment they intended to bring to the area.

“Let us be each other’s keeper. Let us understand that we are all Dagombas who must be proud of our identity and not engage in acts that can retard our progress as a people,” he admonished.

It must be recalled that the Dagbon area of Northern Ghana has been engulfed in chieftancy conflict following the events of March 2002 which led to the death of the Ya naa and others in Yendi.

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There is a renewed interest in working to find lasting solution to the Dagbon crisis and the launch of the “Dagbon Peace and Progress Now” is one of such efforts.

Source: GNA/NewsGhana.com.gh


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