GIBA fights new media law
GIBA fights new media law

“We also call on the umbrella bodies in the media sphere such as the Ghana Journalists Association, the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association, and the print media group (PRINPAG), to ensure that their members live according to their own ethical standards as set out in their guidelines,” Mr Kwasi Gyan-Apenteng, the Chairman of NMC, said in Accra on Monday.

Mr Gyan-Apenteng was speaking at a press conference organised by the Commission on the theme: “Media, Peacebuilding and Election 2016”.

He said as far as the role of the media in achieving a peaceful outcome of the 2016 elections was concerned, the responsibility lay on the men and women who worked in the media space.

Mr Gyan-Apenteng said safeguarding the safety and security of Ghana was a shared responsibility and called on all, especially media players, to contribute positively to the development of the country and her people.

He said democracy worked better when its institutions worked collaboratively, hence, the Commission would continue to collaborate with all relevant institutions and organisations to ensure peaceful elections.

He said the NMC would continue to strengthen relationship with institutions and bodies such as the Ghana Police Service and other security agencies, the National Communication Authority, the Peace Council, and the governance institutions.

Mr Gyan-Apenteng said: “Everyone involved in the media – owners/operators, editors, journalists, designers, producers, presenters, DJs – should take personal responsibility for ensuring a peaceful outcome of the 2016 elections”.

He said the Commission had support from the European Union Commission to establish a Media Monitoring Centre in Accra and Kumasi to help track media performance and identify professional gaps for the requisite regulatory interventions.

“The EU has also donated a mobile monitoring unit which could be deployed to monitor the media in any part of the country,” he said.

The NMC Chairman said the Commission had set up regional advisory committees in the Volta, Ashanti, Upper East and Northern regions with the support of the European Union and STAR Ghana and expressed the Commission’s hope to set up similar committees in other regions in future.

He said the committees would help the NMC manage the media side of things more effectively across the country before, during and after the elections.

Mr Gyan-Apenteng said regulating the media in a democracy was not an easy task because it called for constant rebalancing of the various pressures and contradictions that necessarily existed within the common spaces of democracy and a developing economy.

He, therefore, called on a law to reaffirm the authority of the Commission in the democratic regulation of the media.

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