MCSA Windows Server 2012 is a foundation for your professional IT career and it confirms your ability to use your Microsoft windows server 2012 skills in deploying solutions to different areas within a Business set up. MCSA Windows Server 2012 reduces costs of technology and delivers more value to a business organization. A Certification in MCSA Windows server 2012 will qualify you to hold a position as a Computer system administrator, Network Administrator or a Support Specialist.

MCSA Windows Server 2012 involves three training courses and Certification exams, these are;

? Installation And Configuration of Microsoft Windows Server 2012- Microsoft exam 410,

?Administration of Windows Server 2012- Microsoft exam 411,

?Configuration of Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services- Microsoft exam 412.

 Installation and Configuration of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 is a course program that teaches a learner different aspects of MCSA Windows Server 2012, the course modules included in this program include;

?Deploying and Managing Windows Server 2012- classroom and laboratory training,

?Introduction to Active Directory Domain Service, classroom and laboratory training,

?Managing Active Directory Domain Services Objects,

? Implementing IPv4,

?Implementing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol,

?Implementing Domain Name System, and

? Securing Windows Servers with the use of Group Policy Objects.

  Administration of Windows Server 2012 is a course training that teaches learners some contents such as;

? Deployment and Maintenance of Microsoft Server 2012 Images,

? Configuration and Troubleshooting of Domain Name System,

?Maintenance of Active Directory Domain Services,

? Implementing Group Policy Infrastructures,

? Configuration and Troubleshooting of Remote Access, 

? Implementing Network Access Protection, and

? Monitoring Windows Server 2012.

 Configuration of Advance Windows Server 2012 Services is a course that teaches modules such as;

? Implementing Advance Network Services on Windows Server 2012,

?Implementing Advance File Services,

? Implementing Active Directory Domain Services Deployments,

? Implementing Active Directory Certificate Services, and

? Implementing Network Load Balancing.

All these modules also involve Practical Laboratory skills.

  There are numerous benefits attached to an MCSA Windows Server 2012 Certification, Individuals with this Certification possess the skills to configure, deploy, maintain and troubleshoot all infrastructures in Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

Individuals who possess this Certification are some of the most sought-after Personnel in the IT Network fields.

 A Certified MCSA Microsoft Windows Server Expert automatically becomes a professional member of MCP ? Microsoft Certified Professionals , this membership will give the individual access to several benefits and such include; Updated resources and Information on new Microsoft products and services, a member can also contribute his knowledge on a professional level and access both local and International jobs .

  An organization that hires a certified professional of this nature will benefit immensely because of the overall reduction in costs of Business operations. A Certified MCSA Windows Server 2012 expert will be able to deploy different IT skills to speed up Business operations and that will help reduce costs of doing business.

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