Mr Nicholas Fiifi Baako, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Assin North Municipality, has advised students to avoid drug abuse and if tempted, they should ponder over the repercussions such drug might have on their health.

He urged them to sidestep the use of unprescribed and illicit drug substances such as cannabis also known as “wee”, cocaine, tramadol among others, in order not to jeopardise their future.

The MCE was advising candidates of the just ended West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) during a tour of some centres in the Municipality on Wednesday.

“Students must eschew smoking Indian herb, ‘Wee’, abuse of drugs such as Tramadol, Ataryar and excessive alcohol consumption among others as those things that could easily jeopardize one’s mental health.”

They should avoid words and actions that stunted not only their normal and spiritual development but was also inimical to their own interest and that of the country.

“You must be responsible not to indulge in acts of indiscipline such as drug abuse, robbery, rioting and sexual escapades in order not to become social liability,” he said.

The MCE told them that Government’s efforts to produce a sound and quality human resource- base needed for national development would be a mirage if the issue of drug abuse was not seriously dealt with.

He noted that the current trend of drug abuse and trafficking demanded some level of urgent response from parents and teachers, looking at the role parents and teachers played in the upbringing of the youth.

They were to attach great importance and exert the required influence, moral attitudes and behavioural changes in children in order that in their formative years the child could be aware of the harmful effects of drugs.

He called for efforts to focus on the youth through outreach, peer-to-peer network and using opportunities such as sport to keep them active, healthy and confidence as means of encouraging parents and teachers to play their roles fully.

The MCE stressed the need for all stakeholders to consider drug abuse as the number one enemy in the society, and that they should work hard to block the sources of production, processing, supply and distribution of all illicit drugs in the society.

He asked graduates to refuse to be contaminated by what he termed the ‘get-rich-quick’ disease.

They must rather be a source of inspiration and true ambassadors of positive change, exhibit attitudes and behaviours worthy of emulation by the younger generation who looked up to them as role models.

As the nation’s future leaders, the MCE underlined the need for them to disengage from social vices such as armed robbery, rape, vandalism and other crimes.

He urged the students to learn hard and acquire skills and knowledge needed for development, to justify investments being made in their education by parents and the state.

Some students who spoke with the Ghana News Agency expressed optimism and assured their parents of success in the examination.


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