Judith Frank-Edet
MC Galaxy was physically assaulted by his music promoter, T.Spotlite last Saturday, September 13th.  This is MC Galaxy?s side of what happened. MC Galaxy was supposed to perform at a club in Silver Spring, Maryland but when he got there, he discovered that there were less than 40 people at the venue because the show was poorly promoted, so he decided to leave.
His attempt to leave was what caused the problem as this got the promoter angry. T.Spotlite got so angry that he physically attacked him. He grabbed and threw MC Galaxy from his car and punched him several times. 
He broke his belt, jewelry and called him all sort of names. This happened until the police came into the scene to calm down the situation. MC Galaxy couldn?t even sleep in the hotel that night because the promoter threatened to deal with him.
Sad. Do you think that MC Galaxy had the right to leave despite the poor promotion? Meanwhile here is the link to the video which unfortunately shows what happened after the attack.


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