Former Prime Minister Amama

Former Prime Minister Amama

Mbabazi was released at mid-day from the Kira Road Police Station where after police transported him from Njeru twon where he was arrested as he was heading to Mbale for a consultative meeting.

His daughter Nina Rukikaire confirmed the developments. ?Amama Mbabazi has been granted a bond. The crime, we don?t know as Fred Enanga (police punlicist) says that it was preventative arrest,? Nina said.

She however, wondered why police gave his father a bond on a preventative arrest.

?Someone forgot to explain that simple issue to Enanga before sending him out to read prepared statements,? Rukikaire said.

Enanga clarified on phone that they had not arrested Mbabazi but police had placed the former premier under temporary preventive arrest.

He explained that the preventive arrest was meant to keep somebody out of temporary danger. ?We use it to temporarily keep someone out of a situation or crisis that the police feels may degenerate out of control. Once the danger has been eliminated the person is set free,? he said.

Even thoughhe has been granted bond, polive still refused to let him go.

By Charles Etukuri, The New Vision


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