With the issue of the voter register, maybe okatakyie doesn’t read or listen to the news or maybe just don’t want to follow nana’s speeches because everyone who reads the news very well knows nana has lead the campaign against the EC register bloat than anyone in Ghana, he has made mention of it anywhere he went.
Actually nana started this campaign right after the Supreme Court election petition verdict, he also made mention of this same thing when he was announcing his return to politics after his short break.


wpid-BREAKING-NEWS6.jpgI will side with him with nana’s travel during the xmas, I also think nana should have stayed around with us or should have shortened his visit and joined us in Ghana after seeing his grand daughter.

The communication appointment is way below the belt or is he ignorant of the party rules? Doesn’t he know the general secretary can’t unilaterally appoint communication directors or remove them. For an information to fill up his ignorance, akomea is now the communication director n not Perry okudjeto.
Both the current communication directors and their deputies were appointed by the NEC and not unilaterally by any individual in the party as he wants to suggest.

All the major stations are in Accra so the likelihood for the sake of reducing cost is to choose people in Accra and just make sure its a good mixture of all tribes and after that go on to the regional, constituency base to choose their communicators to champion the regional n constituency cause also.

With the 2 years issue of Mahama saying around that, he is in his first term and will need a second term, I think the communication team, General Secretary have been handling it very well by letting all know that mahama is in his 6th year.

nana has also on most occasion made all aware that mahama is in his 6th year even before the flagbearer elections or maybe the writer doesn’t read the news a lot and so maybe a reason for his ignorance of it.

With the name chant, is it news for people to chant the name of a popular figure like NanA addo anywhere he went?
Lilwyn even gets his name chanted where ever he went so how more nana.
Should nana be telling people to mute when he comes around..
Mills’ name was also chanted until he finally won in 2008 after losing two elections with a continuous name chant by people anywhere he went..

I think the writer didn’t actually know what to write or wasn’t able to put his point across well in this paragraph.. seriously for me, that point was needless

The worst point the writer made was with the running mate matter, I remember he went round saying Alan should be made the running mate which was to me was the lamest suggestion anyone has/could ever made/make. It was the lamest not because I think Alan is a bad material, a big no, Alan is never a bad material for such a position because to me, Alan is actually one of the best even for the flagbearer position especially considering his worth, knowledge and everything he possesses but the thing is how can anyone propose nana an akan to choose Alan another akan as a running mate considering our current akan tag which we are already even fighting hard to even untag ourselves now..

In conclusion, I just think the writer had nothing better to say, he only wanted attention,
I think he is still bitter about he being the cause of Alan’s huge vote decrease..
The sad part of the whole thing is you can feel so much factionalism in his post and my proof is the ending where he cunningly greeted kuffour only in NPP..

I respect and always will salute kuffour because he is the best thing that happened to Ghana and also the most accomplished politician in the up/pp/pfp/npp but the question is are we fighting for a kuffour win or a nana win in 2016?

Did kuffour send him to write this and push it out?
Did he write in the interest of a faction in the party?
Did he mean to push nana to do a right thing or did he still think we were in the internal election days?
I will plead with him not to drag kuffour’s name in his political agenda anymore, we will beg him because such will/can only fuel factionalism and so I think he should try as much as possible to avoid any such thing because we have an election to win and so a need not to do anything that can awaken any division in the party.

The last thing I will say is okatakyie behaved like a coward because he couldn’t even attach his name to his article, we had to search hard before we could know the writer of the post but in all I think he did the right thing by letting npp and nana know things he think should be done by nana addo and npp to help npp win the 2016 elections.
My humble opinion, Thank you.

May God be praised always

Nana kwadwo akwaa
Critical thinkers



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