— The Zambian government said there was a shortage of blood in the country and has called on people to donate blood for use in hospitals in emergency cases. According to the National Blood Transfusion, Zambia needs a total of 150, 000 units of blood annually which the institution was failing to get from donors. (Zambia Daily Mail)

— Police in Lusaka arrested two Swedish journalists working for national television after they attempted to interview the head of a farmers’ body at his residence over report of alleged misappropriation of funds at the association.

The Swedish government and the Finish government have since suspended funding to the Zambia National Farmers Union. The Press Freedom Committee of the Post said it was unfortunate that the police were being used to protect suspected corruption.

The two journalists, Sophia Djiobaridis from the Swedish national broadcaster, SVT and her cameraman, Ake Wehrling and their Zambian guide Charles Mafa, will appear in court on Tuesday this week. (The Post)

— Authorities in Zambia have arrested 34 Ethiopians who attempted to use a bridge in the eastern part of the country to cross into Zimbabwe enroute to South Africa without valid papers.

The prohibited immigrants were intercepted at Luangwa Bridge by security officers in Luangwa district. (Daily Nation)

–Eight footballers drowned while 11 others managed to swim ashore after a dugout canoe on which they were traveling in capsized in northern Zambia’s Mwense district.

The accident happened on Sunday afternoon as 19 footballers from an amateur team were traveling to neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo for a game in that country. (Zambia Daily Mail) Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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