Zambian President Edgar Lungu
Zambian President Edgar Lungu

The following are news highlights in Zambia’s major media outlets on Sunday.

— Zambian President Edgar Lungu has bemoaned the culture of abandoning old people or relegating them to care institutions. (Times of Zambia)

— Zambia is facing a critical shortage of manpower in trade policy analysis, negotiations, trade law and competition, a senior government official has said.(Zambia Daily Mail)

— Zambian Vice-President Inonge Wina said it was imperative for Zambia to recognize and engage women in positions of influence in various socio-economic activities to improve the general welfare and livelihoods of families and society.(Daily Nation)

— A former Zambian minister has said the 2021 general elections will be a game changer for the country as people were looking for quality leadership. (The Mast) Enditem


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