Max Clifford today spoke out against ?damaging and untrue? allegations after he was arrested on suspicion of sexual offences.

The 69-year-old PR guru, speaking on the steps of a central London police station after a day of questioning, told journalists the allegation dated back to 1977.

?These allegations are damaging and totally untrue. On a personal level there are very distressing for my wife, my family and loved ones,? he said.

max clifford

Police at the Surrey home of Max Clifford where detectives investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal arrested him on suspicion of sexual offences
?Anyone who really knew me all those years ago and those who have known me since will have no doubt that I would never act in the way that I have today been accused.?

Clifford was arrested at 7:40am on Thursday morning by detectives investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse allegations, before being bailed at around 9.20pm.

Officers are looking at three strands within their inquiry: claims against Savile, those against Savile and others, and those against others.

max clifford

Clifford was arrested at 7:40am on Thursday morning

The arrest is believed not to be related to any claims involving Savile, ITV News said.

Clifford?s lawyer Charlotte Harris said he would assist the police ?as best he can with their inquiries? following his arrest.

Clifford is the fifth suspect to be arrested ? and the sixth person to be questioned ? in connection with the Yewtree operation, which has already cost around ?2 million and involves a team of 30 officers.

Last week a man aged in his 80s from Berkshire was interviewed by detectives, also as part of the investigation that does not directly relate to Savile.

Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr, DJ Dave Lee Travis and a man in his 70s, reported to be former television producer Wilfred De?Ath, have been arrested and bailed as part of the probe.


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