From Samuel Agbewode, Aflao (pick pic as Aflao Demo in Andrew folder)

The youth of Aflao in the Ketu- South District have gone on a demonstration to protest against the deletion of Aflao from the list of the newly-created municipalities in the country.

The demonstrators, who started the street protest from the Aflao border in the early hours of Friday, carried placards, some of which read, “Enough is enough, Aflao needs a face lift; We need municipality; NDC Ketu-South will become a rural bank; Aflao deserves better; Eva Glo, NDC, do you want a change; and NDC please fulfill your promises to the people” among others.

The demonstration, which, according to some observers in the area, was the biggest ever  in the history of the traditional area against a ruling government, brought economic activities in the border community to a halt for hours, as many business men and women left their goods to join the large crowd.

Over 300 police personnel from Ho, Anloga, Tongu and the Ketu North and south divisions were mobilised to supervise the demonstration.

The police, initially, were in full control of the crowd, but when the demonstrators were returning from the Denu Junction to finally converge at the Victoria Park at Aflao, they were overtaken by events, as some of the demonstrators became violent, forcing the security personnel to arrest seven of them.

The protestors were however not deterred of the arrests, and demanded that their colleagues be released from custody, to which the police obliged in the name of peace.

The leader of the demonstrators, Mr. Christian Yevunya, presented the petition to the President, through the Ketu-South District Chief Executive, Mr. Bernard Amable, which stated that government had betrayed the people of Aflao, who had toiled to vote massively for the ruling government to assume the administration of the country.

According to the youth of Aflao, in October 2011, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development announced the creation of 42 new districts and municipalities to facilitate development in the country, including the Aflao Municipality, which was carved out of the Ketu-South District.

The Aflao youth said the announcement of the creation of the Aflao Municipality was met with jubilation from the people, who praised the government for rewarding their effort for supporting the ruling NDC party for over 20 years.

They were, however, surprised that the Aflao had been deleted from the Legislative Instrument (L.I) laid before Parliament.

The Aflao youth noted that the deletion of Aflao as a municipality from the list of new municipal and districts was done without the consent of the President, who, they described, as having absolute respect for the good people of Ketu South.

The youth noted that some government officials were allegedly using electoral boundaries as an excuse for the negative development.

They said the people in Ketu-South would change their voting patterns in response to the  disrespect the NDC government had shown towards the people of Ketu South, which, according to the youth, occurred because the government listened to people they described as few opportunistic individuals.

When contacted, the Volta Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Alexander Bedie, who was at the Aflao police station at the time, refused to comment on the violent and the shooting incident by the police, following the arrest of the seven demonstrators.

According to him, even though he was present at the police station, he was there on a different mission.

DCOP Bedie, however, confirmed that he was briefed by the Divisional Commander on the negative development, but would not comment further on the issue, and asked this reporter to contact the Divisional Police for information, but all attempts to talk to the Divisional Commander proved futile, as his cell phone numbers were off.


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