On 5 August the controversial Ergenkon trials are coming to conclusion in Silivri, Turkey. Mass protests are expected. The sentencing of the 300 high-ranking, retired and active duty military officers and additional 300 officers, scholars, journalists, Members of Parliament and opposition leaders, five years ago, constituted the basis for an AKP Coup d?Etat, which had been planned with the help of the U.S. Department of Defense since 1996.

The sentencing on 5 August would effectively conclude the coup and pave the way for the planned “balkanization” of the Turkish Republic into smaller U.S.-Client States. Yesterday, Turkey?s police began establishing road blocks throughout Turkey and began rounding-up opposition members.

‘The Ergenkon Plan was developed by the RAND Corporation for the United States Department of Defense in 1996. Already in 1996 the plan, also known under “The Greater Middle East Project”, suggested that the USA/NATO should achieve the division of the Turkish Republic into smaller US-Client States along sectarian and ethnic lines, by maneuvering Recep Tayyip Erdogan into the position of Prime Minister and Abdullah G?l into the position as President of Turkey.’


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