The Masara N’Arziki Farmers Association has started paying maize farmers under its umbrella to climax the 2013 farming season.

The farmers, who have a guaranteed price for their produce, are measuring high yields despite drought in the just-ended season.

The good yields, which have resulted in a bumper harvest, have partly been attributed to quality inputs from both Wienco and YARA Ghana Limited, and their timely supply to members by the association.

According to the leadership of Masara N’ Arziki, produce in the fields is at the right moisture level to be harvested. It therefore urged the over-10,000 members across its operational areas to deliver their produce in time to facilitate quick payment.

The leadership of the association also advised members to repay their credit on time without defaulting in order to improve their debt-recovery record and to facilitate excellent administrative procedures

The General Manager of the association, Mr. Luuc Smits, disclosed that farmer groups whose produce have reached their warehouses have already been paid — urging other farmers under the association to speed up harvest for repayment so that they can maximise their profits.

The General Manager noted that unlike other instances where farmers have to wait for longer periods before being paid, the association has made it possible for beneficiary farmers to be paid within the shortest possible time.

This, according to him, is because the association knows the needs of farmers and has resolved to address them for their betterment.

Masara is made up of over 10,000 individual farmers, with its main objective being to ensure easy access to affordable credit in the form of inputs and guaranteed markets for members.

The association operates in the three northern regions, and is an offshoot of Wienco and Yara Ghana Limited. Masara N’ Arziki supplies inputs in the form credit to small- and medium-scale farmers, and provides technical support to all members for improved farming methods.


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