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In an interview with Closer Weekly, domestic queen Martha Stewart opens up about her busy life and professional goals at 76 years old.

“I love to stay busy, and it’s great that I can continue to choose what I want to do,” the expert on gracious living tells Closer.

“There’s a lot I still have to do — like write my autobiography!” Martha revealed to Closer.

In fact, Martha has already begun. “She’s been putting down ideas for two years,” confides an insider.

“It’s really been a passion of hers; Martha finds ways to squirrel away an hour or two every day to work on it,” says the friend, who adds that Martha hopes to reveal the lessons of perseverance, gratitude and humility she learned as she rebuilt her life following her incarceration.

“Martha wants to present the story of how she dealt with setbacks and reclaimed her life to the point where she is as happy as she’s ever been. It isn’t just about business — it was about finding something inside herself.”



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