Married women working in public institutions are vulnerable to the sexual advances of their bosses. That is the fear of many married women and their spouses as evidenced by an allegation levelled by a public official against her boss recently.

A fortnight or so ago, the nasty story of a sexually harassed female staff of the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA) was served the reading Ghanaian public. It brought into focus a social aberration which all must join hands to stem.

We do not intend verifying the veracity or otherwise of the allegation, given especially the gravity of the issue. Be that as it may, a female staff of the DVLA is being or has been sexually harassed by her boss, according to the alleged victim. That, for us, is the crux of the matter.

Such sexual advances at workplaces have long featured in public organizations. The anomalies are unlike office romances because they are not consensual. Superior officers using their positions to demand sex from their female subordinates is inappropriate, un-Christian and worthy of condemnation by decent members of society.

While some of the female subordinates have resisted such advances on moral grounds, others have had to give in, considering the workplace victimization they would suffer for their intransigence.

The subject under review is not peculiar to DVLA, we dare state. Suffice it to note however that it has offered an opportunity to revisit a subject which is not being commented upon for the first time in a newspaper.

We find it preposterous that responsible persons into whose care important state institutions or segments of them are entrusted would find it impossible to control their zips.

They do not find it abominable making romantic advances to spouses of their fellow men. Some, as the DVLA woman alleged, have even torn the dresses of their victims as their libidos went haywire.

It is our take that the case of the DVLA woman be probed thoroughly with a view to establishing the veracity or otherwise of it so that the appropriate disciplinary action is administered.

Society should be seen to be taking action on such immoralities especially at workplaces after due investigations anyway. Where it is established that those who complain of being sexually harassed cooked up the story, they too, must be sanctioned.

We are against a situation where a concerted effort is made to rubbish the outcry of a victim of sexual advances by her boss in a manner that would discourage future victims of the animalistic instinct from speaking up. The consistency in the complaint of the DVLA woman demands action and pronto.

Should such action be taken, it is our admonition that the woman in question be transferred from the office, lest she suffers another form of harassment given the reach of the case so far. Let men be responsible and decent by controlling their libidos and keeping their zips zipped.


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