Rice And Food Imports
Ghana To Cut Us$1b Rice And Food Imports
rice and food imports
rice and food imports

Members of the?Greater?Accra Market Association, at the weekend appealed to the President, to reconsider the ban on inland importation of rice, which they said is creating?monopoly?for foreign importers of the commodity.

Madam Rosemary Laryea,?Public Relations Officer?of the Association, said the ban has led to harsh economic difficulties facing members, including locked up capital in foreign countries as well as unpaid loans to the banks.

Speaking?to the?Ghana News?Agency in Accra, she said importation of rice through Tema Harbour, is favouring foreign businessmen at the expense of local entrepreneurs.

She said the ban was too abrupt, which disorganised their?business?activities.

Madam Laryea said the Association conduct its business?legally?and therefore found it untenable to lump all members for bringing in rice through smuggling and other illegal means.

?There are?personnel?of the Customs Division of Ghana Revenue Authority at all?inland ports?and members of the association pay the relevant revenue due the state through the Authority.

?The ban has?led?to the rise in the?prices?of the?commodity, which is one of the major staple of Ghanaians,? she said.

Madam Laryea therefore appealed to the government to lift the ban as a matter of?urgency?to bring relieve to members.



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