mariah-carey-breakdown-nick-cannonIt?s been a nightmarish summer for Mariah Carey, whose latest album tanked as her six-year marriage to Nick Cannon crumbled.

Now with divorce proceedings ahead, a source tells Life & Style?those close to the star are concerned the singer could suffer another meltdown ? just like the one she had before the release of her 2001 flop, Glitter.

?She has a history of mental health issues,? an insider tells Life & Style, referring to Mariah?s 2001 stay in a hospital for psychiatric care.

Another source tells Life & Style that Nick wanted to leave Mariah months ago but was fearful she?d have a meltdown if he ended things.

?Nick?s No. 1 goal is to get the kids into a healthy environment where they would have some sense of normalcy,? an insider adds.




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