wpid-mariahcarey-news-article81712.jpgIn Touch?has exclusively learned that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon?s nasty arguments are worse than anyone realizes.

?There?s been nonstop fighting ? the joy is gone,? an insider close to the couple exclusively?tells?In Touch. ?Nick is worried about Mariah?s stability and can no longer watch her drinking champagne until she?s slurring her words, while Mariah is tired of being married to a man she thinks is a cheater.?

Nick has been accepting DJ gigs that have kept him away from home for days on end ? and in close proximity to single women, says the insider. ?Nick would say he wants to provide for his family and not rely on Mariah?s money,? but Mariah wasn?t having it.? ?When Mariah loses her temper, she yells, throws dishes and slams doors,? says the source. ?She has crazy mood swings and goes off on rants that scare everyone.?




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