Marcus Garvis
Marcus Garvis

The Ghana music industry is getting more richer with the introduction of new faces into the 2013 year. A young energetic, vibrant, courageous and naturally gifted underground rapper has demonstrated a world class style with Ghana’s most celebrated? high-life/hip-life finest Kesse on a new master work titled?“Check Your Waste”

Macbeth Kusi (born October 10, 1982) better known by his stage name Marckus Garvis is a newly discovered Ghanaian rapper. Marckus Garvis started rapping when he was just a kid, but his father was not cool with his ambition and talent but instead he wanted him to concentrate on his studies. At home, he was not given the opportunity to do his rapping as he is fond of. So after school he will find a place away from home to practice rapping before he gets back to the house and when his father asks about his lateness he just say “it’s due to extra classes”.
After his father kicked the bucket in 2005, he got the chance to visit studios which gave him the opportunity and exposure to meet some couple of sound engineers. Whiles he was trying to perfect his style, he also learnt a lot about music which led him to record his first mix tape in 2006. An artiste popularly knowned as Poison met him in his recording studio to record and heard his demo. He was really impressed, thus they formed a group called Asomafour, and started recording everything together.

Meanwhile, Poison was busy schooling, so Marcus became a solo artiste recording his masters until a friend introduced him to a producer called Mr Stephen A Bonsu who listened to his works and saw the maturity of his raps. He signed him to his record label called Azayda Music and Films production in 2011.
So, from there his management started recording his tracks and shooting his videos like Amina ft Livin Rich,Mama Ne Papa Ko, Bra Bra ATEAA, etc. His current single titled?“Check Your Waist”?features one of the finest highlife singer in Ghana, Kesse which was produced by GENIUS SELECTIONS. So far, it is making waves right now.

Check out the download on Hulkshare, Soundcloud,?


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