Google Android app development is a new field where hundreds of thousands mobile developers and programmers are showing their interest. Android has shaken the developers and created sensation in the smartphone mobile industry globally. Google android app development is causing innovatively designed and dynamically featured mobile apps for individual users, businesses, big corporations and even nonprofit organizations. If you have a smartphone powered by Google Android, adding desired functionality, feature and performance on it is just a few clicks away. All you need is an Android app.
Businesses are nowadays looking great potentials in mobile platforms especially in Android OS that is powering half of the smartphones globally (about 50.9 percent as per the Gartner’s analysis of global Q4 2011 smartphone sales). Android OS has all the features to support custom mobile application development.

A custom mobile app is nothing but a personalized form of app which app builders conceptualize to target particular business, product and service or customers.
App builders are creating smart and user friendly android apps and making smartphones a convenient device. Google Android apps feature excellent return on less investment. For many companies android application development has become a lucrative business. Businesses prefer android platform over others; however, they are still not fully aware of the advantages of this OS. Here are some advantages.
•  Android is an Open Source OS and this feature helps developers to customize an app as per the individual requirements of business.
•  Its base is Linux Kernel which is popular among developers for delivering great performance and stability.
•  Linux further ensures that the OS is robust and will not easily crash in comparison of other OSes.
•  Security is also boosted as it is based on Linux Kernel
•  Android app development is less costly in comparison of iPhone and BlackBerry app developments.
•   The development of apps takes less time and saves both time and money.
There is one more significant advantage in choosing android app development over others. Your business gets considerable exposure too. Android smartphones are cheaper than other smartphones. When you put your app on Google Play, it is ready to be downloaded by 50 percent smartphone users globally. This adds great power with a business because its app is exposed to noticeably large audience which is today not possible with iPhone app or BlackBerry app.  
There are a number of experienced mobile app builders providing Android mobile development services. They also provide customized app development services suitable for your requirements. However, before hiring a company, you need to check its market credibility and earlier app developments.

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