Many people are enjoying the yuletide as families, friends and lovers were seen patronising entertainment spots and organising parties to celebrate Christmas.

A Ghana News Agency Survey on Boxing Day showed that people are not deterred by the cost of living and were making merry, both young and old.


Mr Kluste Abraham, a tailor said the yuletide is a season where one is expected to show love to people and family, so one cannot say he or she would not enjoy this festive season because there is no money.

“Christmas as a season to feel happy so one must enjoy himself”, adding that, it was his duty to make his family happy during the festive season so he started preparing towards the yuletide to avoid embarrassments.

Mr Ephraim Opoku, a banker, said there was always going to be price hikes of goods as traders would want to cash in during the festive seasons.

Speaking on the huge expectations of the lovers and family, he said family, friends and acquaintances are always expecting gifts, and so the prices of goods and services cannot be used as an excuse.

“I always buy Christmas gifts for my wife and children, regardless of the prices of goods” Mr Ephraim said.

Lawrence Baah, who was enjoying at the Okera Inn Poolside said “these days most people prefer to celebrate Christmas in the cities to keep up with the luxurious lifestyles than going to their respective hometowns”.

He said one can still celebrate the Christmas to his satisfaction, depending on one’s level of spending, without being troubled by the price increases.

Mrs Sandra Efe a businesswoman said she had always perceived the yuletide to be a season where most people go to their hometowns to celebrate with their love ones, so the cost of living would not stop them from enjoying the yuletide.


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