Mr. Henry Manly Spain
Mr. Henry Manly Spain

The youth groups of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), in the Greater Accra Region have stated that the aspiring Chairman, Mr. Henry Ekow Manly-Spain is moving the party higher as a result of his unity talks with party members to bury their differences to ensure one-touch victory for the party come December, 2016 elections.

??If there is any aspiring Chairman who is working hard to ensure victory for the NDC in December 2016 elections, then that person is Mr. Manly-Spain and we will not let him work in vain. We are going all out to support his effort,? they added.

The decision by the youth, according to one of the spokespersons, Mr. Ruben Adoh is due to the fact that the aspiring Chairman, Mr. Manly-Spain is taking his unity message to the door steps of the people, a move described as unprecedented in the history of politics in the Greater Accra NDC.

Mr. Adoh told the paper that the grounds have been watered to the level that the margin between the NDC and the other parties is going to be extremely wide come December 2016.

Apart from that, the NDC youth members said that Mr. Manly-Spain?s message is devoid of promises but is rather centered on how best to bring unity and tranquility to the party to present a formidable front come 2016 elections.

According to the NDC youth, Mr. Manly-Spain has been quick to identify with the people in the region as well as those in the party very well that others who belong to other political parties are having a second thought.

For the youth, Mr. Manly-Spain is seen by constituency and branch executives, supporters, sympathizers and activists as a team-player and a unifier who respects divergent views, hates factionalism, selfless, hardworking and above all humble.

However, in an interview with The Moment newspaper over the weekend,?Mr. Manly-Spain explained that there is no way for any political party in the country to defeat NDC if there is unity in the party adding that no party can win election with divisions among them.

?We need to work closely together as one people from the same political party in order to retain power come 2016 elections,? Mr. Manly-Spain advised.

He said without unity and peaceful co-existence the NDC cannot experience any meaningful development and thus deliver the ?Better Ghana Agenda? as promised by the President.

To this end, Mr. Manly-Spain urged his comrades not to sit on the fence, but to put their shoulders to the wheel to speed up the party?s development and progress by helping the government to succeed.


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