Zoe Saldana covers Manhattan magazin

Actress-Zoe Saldana, 33,  has covered December?s issue of Manhattan Magazine, inside which she talked about gender equality, her movie roles and other interesting things?

Talking about her movie roles, she said;

I?m known for being selective in part I either pick or pursue, and what matters most is that they be good female roles where the character isn?t cardboard or objectified, and where there?s real substance. No generic girlfriend or wife, and no sexy bombshell. Enough of that already!

On gender equality, she said;

It?s very hard being a woman in a man?s world, and I recognized it was a man?s world even when I was a kid. It?s an inequality and injustice that drove me crazy, and which I always spoke out against- and I?ve always been outspoken.

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