There has never been a meeting of Premier League quite like this one. A game that English football landscape could change; that could determine whether Manchester United the dominant force should instead continue or step aside for their neighbours mega-rich.

It is, as Sir Alex Ferguson said, the derby of Derbies; a contest that will enthral the masses in more than 212 houses 650million territories around the world.

But it is also a game that is somewhat of a nightmare for those who are more directly involved and who live a little closer to the stadium Etihad.

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After almost 26 years in charge at Old Trafford that Ferguson understands better than anyone. He knows the prospect of waking up tomorrow for 500,000 Mancunians as the loser of the Man Clasico is frightening.

Workers will cry of sick, kids will want to skip school. Faced with jubilant Blues or victorious Reds will be too much. For some, it will be too much even to sit and watch the game.

“I asked a mate to text me the result, ‘ born-and-bred one Manchester United season ticket holder told me over the weekend. “But City fans are so afraid to lose as we are. We are all scared to death. ‘

A victory for Manchester City could mark a shift in power and the words of Roberto Mancini will only reinforce that view. City of Italian manager hopes a victory will propel his side to the first of many titles and breaking the stranglehold on the English so United game. It certainly would be a devastating blow psychological country.

When Ferguson gave his press conference on Thursday, he seemed resigned to the fact that United will not be able to always wonder city. He remains resolute and challenging, but he must realize that it’s not in my life ‘ speech amounted to nothing more than wishful thinking.

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Soon after city of Maine road to Etihad moved, dismissed Ferguson jokingly the new stadium as the ‘ temple of Doom ‘. It sounds not half so funny today. Ferguson admitted that he would not enjoy going there on Monday, the fact that the city of Liverpool as United’s main rival making him uncomfortable, have also replaced.

It was partly why he described himself as a masochist. He has Liverpool beaten by their perch, he’s come on top in his personal duels with Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho but city are different — and he knows it.

Their virtually unlimited wealth and create clear determination to brush aside a much more dangerous opponent United city. Financial fair play? Michel Platini will be at the game, but don’t expect Ferguson to turn to the President of the UEFA for assistance. He acknowledges how hard it will be fair play rules against a club that £ 300 m from a sponsor agreement can induce shirt to maintain.

Ferguson took his players away to Cardiff at the weekend in the hope of the positive effect that a trip to St Andrews had on his team replicate? Maybe so, but the journey can also stem from a need for them to escape the intense atmosphere that has been building in the city since United two points against Everton last Sunday showed.

What will be the result, tonight are so much more important than that enjoyed a whopping 6-1 win city at Old Trafford in October. It can lead to Ferguson a 13th Premier League title clinching or cement Mancini the position through the city, with the understanding that Ferguson stability at a club is the key to success.

Listen to Mancini at training camp of the club on Saturday, he didn’t sound like a man under pressure, possibly in connection with the public support he got from his employers.

He oozed confidence, knowing the momentum is back with his side after three straight WINS as United have dropped points against Wigan and Everton. He cracked the occasional joke, United in Cardiff until Tuesday continue to insist.

But he also spoke of how he wanted the title this year as the first of many for city, leaving a legacy of ‘ want ‘ and how he would find it more satisfying — as a former Inter Milan boss to defeat his rival from the city to — the Championship.

‘ It is better, “he said before voting that a Premier League title would be his best performance in football.

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United will have to improve defensively. Against Everton they were miserably at the back, with Ferguson certainly tempted to changes. Both sides will have their regrets, Commander leads have handed in during the season. But both are able to score on Monday.

Carlos Tevez has a powerful partnership with Sergio Aguero this past few games, Wayne Rooney and Danny Welbeck formed while Ferguson agrees the appearance of Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole have.

It is, as Ferguson says, a shoot-out, a clash between the best away side and the best home side. But it can still be determined by or Paul Scholes and Michael Carrick can match Yaya Toure and midfielder Gareth Barry, not to mention a risk as Mancini takes to select by Mario Balotelli.

Sure he will let the volatile Province on the couch. There is far too much at stake on Monday evening.

Credit: Daily mail


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