This has led to a generation of great amount of data that makes it extremely critical for an organization to carry out its product research and development. In such situations, the biggest issues that organizations face is managing such big volumes of data without having to invest a large sum of money and this is where Hadoop ecosystem comes into the rescue.

It often becomes extremely challenging for organizations to keep track of and manage a large amount of data that is stored in various databases. Develop originally by Google, Hadoop MapReduce is a software framework that is aimed at managing and simplifying large volumes with unparalleled seamlessness. The Hadoop MapReduce framework is based on two basic functions, Map and Reduce, where the map is responsible for making the master node in a network take all the issues presented by the user and divide it into a number of small sub-issues so that they can be solved easily.


These sub-issues are allocated in various nodes in a cloud for execution, hence, significantly minimizing the time needed for executing the query.

On the other hand, Reduce function is known to create the master node collect entire information and solutions to the sub-issues that are distributed to other nodes, and merge these solutions of the sub-issues to provide a solution for original problem that was assigned. By dividing these queries, we may greatly reduce the time needed to implement various commands on different large volumes of data with complete ease and accuracy.

Although, Hadoop is an open source framework that can be used by any organization, in order to excel in the field and to make the most of the program, it is very important to take proper Hadoop training.

In the nutshell, it won’t be wrong to say that Hadoop ecosystem is a great solution for organizations that deal with large clusters of mismanaged data and require an apt solution to manage the same.

If you are among those organizations that feel that Hadoop can leverage your business and increase data management, there are a lot of IT service providers available online that are offering Hadoop framework and training. Although, due to increase in the number of IT service providers, make sure to check the credibility before opting for the solution.

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