A 25-year-old driver?s mate clams he stole five live fowls to prepare for guests who will come to visit his wife who had just given birth.

The suspect, Christopher Kwateng, alias Kwame Oppong, is in the grips of the Teshie Police Command. Christopher was spotted at Teshie by some boys in the neighborhood on November 16 around 2am with a sack over his shoulders.

According to the Deputy Superintendent of Police, DSP Simon Agbodeka, the Teshie District Commander, the boys proceeded to interrogate the suspect on the contents of the sack.

The suspect then took to his heels, leaving the sack behind. When the boys opened the sack they found five live fowls, which they handed to the Teshie Police Station.

DSP Agbodeka said that after the boys lodged a complaint at his outfit they proceeded to arrest the suspect. Preliminary interrogations by the police indicate that Christopher claimed that the fowls belonged to his mother.

However, when police went to ask his mother she claimed that the fowls were not hers.

Source: Finder


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