A Texas man has been arrested on charges of raping at least 15 children between the ages of 4 and 7 years old. The man, Tad Costin, 42, allegedly had six hard drives and 80 CDs worth of child porn that police believe were taken inside of his home, with the victims, often in Disney nightgowns, asleep or drugged while he sexually assaulted them. These despicable acts were reportedly discovered by his girlfriend?s parents!

Reportedly, Costin lives with a former Playboy model, Julia Lack, and her 5-year-old son.Lack has also now been charged with one count of child pornography possession.

The case was busted open when Lack?s parents discovered a computer memory card in their home that was left behind when their daughter moved out that contained hundreds of pictures of Costin assaulting children! Can you imagine being these parents? You find a memory card in your home, slip it into your computer, and up pops horrific images of the man your grandson is living with raping young children???

And if Lack knew her boyfriend was like this, wow, no words. You not only live with him, but you let your 5-year-old son in the home too?! Of course, we?ve seen stories like this before, so it shouldn?t be that shocking, but it always is!

Costin also reportedly has two children, from whom he says he was ?separated? but does not give details. A former girlfriend also described allegedly coming upstairs to find Costin ?thrusting? on her 5-year-old daughter. She called police but Costin was never charged. Clearly he seems to have a thing for women with young children.

Police said that more victims may come forward. Thank goodness for that left behind memory card and for the parents who decided to look at it rather than drop it in the trash. And hopefully Lack?s son has a safe place to go.

Have you ever discovered anything criminal in your home?


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