A youthful clergyman is nursing injuries at a hospital in Kakamega after he was badly injured by an angry husband who caught him red handed in a compromising manner with his wife.

The two had come from an evening service from the church when the woman, who is the youth leader in the church, invited the pastor to her house for a cup of tea.

The ?cup of tea? extended into the late hours of the night and as the husband stays in a nearby town, the good pastor was tempted to spend the night.

Unknown to them, however, word had already reached the husband that his house had been turned into a ?brothel?.

The husband came home on that night raging with fury and ready to devour whomever he found in his house, even if it was his blood brother.

He arrived at around 11pm and noted that the front door was locked. Luckily, he had spare keys for the back door.
As he was getting into the house, the two sensed danger and the preacher ran out through the front door and sprinted to his house, which is in the neighbourhood, half unclad.

The angry man did not give up. He followed the preacher into his house and fished him out with the help of his brothers who had had been attracted by the commotion.

?When we caught him, he couldn?t say anything in his defense as even his wife was still crying at the mistreatment and shame he had exposed her to,? one of the brothers said.

The pastor, a father of two, for obvious reasons, remained mum when he was asked what he was doing in another man?s bed in the odd hours of the night.

His silence enraged the cuckolded man and his brothers into beating him senseless with kicks, bows and sticks.

Via: Nigerianewsvilla.com


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