Man Fathers Child From Teen Rape And Now Seek Visitation Rights

Reports from Massachusetts has confirmed the intentions of a man who has admitted to raping a 14-year old girl three years ago seeking visitation rights to the child that came out of the rape.

However,the girl, 17, who is now a mother has expressed her dissatisfaction towards the intentions of the man since she still suffers from severe anxiety and depression, and says she is terrified at the thought of having to face the man who raped her.

Three years ago,the incident caused distress among the family as the then 14-year-old had to keep the pregnanacy on religious grounds.She also reported the rape to the police which caused the man to be charged with four counts of statutory rape, but was only sentenced to 16 years of probation even he agreed to pay child support.

Even so,the girl?s lawyer has filed a motion with the court, asking the judge to amend the conditions and order the man to pay restitution instead of child support, forcing him to support the child he fathered but not give him visitation and other parental rights.



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