[Daily Mail] A dangerous sex offender is on the run after carving an escape hole out of his cell wall using a spoon, a broom handle and a chair leg.

But a photo of him cannot be released to the public ? because it would infringe his human rights.

Thomas Schmidt, 25, chipped away a hole in the outside wall of his third floor cell at Hamburg?s Remand Prison then tied his knotted bed sheets to a grate before shinning down.

He was injured by razor wire in the escape, enabling police to follow a trail of bloodspots to a nearby station from where he is thought to have fled.

Schmidt is a notorious sex criminal with multiple offences. He is aided by a bizarre law stipulating that his picture cannot be released to the public because of data protection laws governing his ?personal rights?. Only if a police search fails to find him can authorities put out a picture of him.


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