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Man Arrested For Using Fake Bomb In Bank Robbery


A Florida man threatened bank tellers with what appeared to be a bomb ? but it turned out to be just a pen taped to a cell phone, police said.

The wild ordeal unfolded after Michael Hamson allegedly walked into a Bank of America branch in Tampa Saturday.

Lifting up his shirt, he tried to pass the harmless contraption off as an explosive. Staff, fearing he?d blow up the building, handed over bundles of cash to the 59-year-old.

But a team of security guards grabbed the bandit as he darted outside, police said.

Hillsborough County Sheriff deputies arrived on the scene shortly after to arrest and charge Hamson with robbery with a deadly weapon.

Once he was arrested, police realized he had been released from county jail just a week abo, WTSP-TV reported.

Hamson had just served three months for burglary, grand theft and dealing in stolen property charges, according to the news station.



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