New Picture (8)By Nelson NseAbasi

Mr. Isaac Utere is a father of many talents; he hails from Akwa Ibom state, but resides in Port Harcourt where he and his family under the name Media Works have been doing exploits, affecting lives while earning several recognition and awards.

I came in contact with him in 2010, his personality shocked me, never have I seen a man from this part of the world who believes so much in talents and creativity, and ensures he helps his children (or any child that comes across him) to discover and nurture their talents to stardom.

He is the father of Leriq- Burna Boy?s producer

He is the father of Eddy Izycs multi Instrumentalists & Cinematographer

His son who is dancer leads the family to Maltina Dance Hall family dance competition. I was not surprised, so I had to meet with him recently in Port Harcourt, he asked me to appeal for your support in the dance competition.

Despite all his feats and plaques, he still feels his success is all about YOU.

SUPPORT THE UTERE FAMILY in Maltina Dance Hall 2014


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