The Spiritual head of Mofra Mfa Adwen Spiritual and Herbal Center, Alhaji Abubakir Sadick has expressed as worrisome, the daily influx of people who claim to be spiritualist yet are fraudsters in disguise.

Alhaji Abubakar Sadick, who made this revelation in an interview with The Moment at his center at Gomoah Gyaman in the Central Region noted that these self-acclaimed spiritualists use the media, especially radio to dupe unsuspecting public by claiming to have the powers to solve all their lifes problems from marriage to business, redemption from spiritual bondages and blood money, commonly referred to in the Akan parlance as ?Sika Duro?.

Alhaji Sadick, who espressed this sentiment with grave concern took a swipe at the media, accusing them of allowing these fake spiritualists, whom he described as a threat to society to use their medium as a platform to propogate falsehood to dupe unsuspecting public.

He further pointed out that these fake spiritualists have no permanent place of abode, and as such jump from one place to another, making them difficult to be traced after embarking on their expedition to dupe the public.

He has therefore appealed to the general public as well as the media to be aware of these false spiritualists before allowing them to use their medium as mode of communications.


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