Mohamed Nasheed
Mohamed Nasheed

The Maldives on Monday sought the support of Sri Lanka and India as the country faced international criticism over the imprisonment of former president Mohamed Nasheed.

Mohamed Nasheed
Mohamed Nasheed

Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon said that the Maldives was being unfairly judged by some counties but yet her government will engage with the international community over the issue.
“We expect support from Sri Lanka like we have supported Sri Lanka in the international fora. We are communicating with Sri Lanka. The change of government (in Sri Lanka) has not affected our relationship with Sri Lanka,” she said while in Sri Lanka on an official tour.
The Maldivian foreign minister also said that India respects the sovereignty of the Maldives and does not expect India or any other country will attempt to give directions to the Maldives.
Nasheed was last week sentenced to 13 years in jail over the alleged abduction and imprisonment of a former chief justice while Nasheed was president.
The Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) led by Nasheed accused the current government of Abdulla Yameen of attempting to prevent Nasheed from coming back to power at the next Presidential elections scheduled to be held in 2018.
Dunya Maumoon however insisted that the arrest and imprisonment of Nasheed was a judicial matter and was not influenced by the government.
She said that the alleged abduction of a chief justice by the former president was a serious crime and even a former president needs to be accountable for such actions.
“We will not accept double standards,” Maumoon added.
Meanwhile the Maldives Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb said that tourism in the Maldives had not been affected by the latest devolopments.
He also said that the MDP has been allowed to stage protests against Nasheed’s arrests in order to ensure freedom of speech and expression. Enditem


Source: Xinhua


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